Dua for controlling husband

Dua for controlling husband

Dua for controlling husband , “Dua for your husband can make only by molana ji.  Molana ji says about Dua for controlling husband is power of allah tala.  If you desire this thing for controlling your husband then make call now to molana ji and get it.  Can you have some problem this way to control your husband then you can also make call to molana ji.  If your husband cheat you, If your husband make love to another woman. If your husband not love you then this dua is only work for you.  So if you have any problem or desire for control your husband then call to molana ji and get your husband love and control your husband.

Dua for Controlling Lover

The dua for controlling life partner is that course in which spouse controls the husband by some dua which are gotten from the Quran or the glorious book of the Quran in this book it is determined that in totally how to dua for controlling the husband the wife in which the first is Wazifa , Istikhara , Surat or Surah et cetera these are the extraordinary impact and effect for the life of the general population whether it is related to men and whether it is related to women ,and as showed by the Aayat of the Quran the wife should control the husband and husband is pulled in to the wife and there is no making of question between couples or assistants i .e husband and wife and life get the opportunity to be particularly prosperous or happy way or condition .

The dua for controlling life partner is consequently or condition. That if the couples or accessories i.e. mate should take after the Namaz , Roza ,Zakat , Kalma ,and Haz , in five if the spouse should take. After the Namaz of five conditions with read of the Quran i.e. holy book or the Sky’s book. Which is made by the Allah.  And if the companion take after this then the there is never making of weight among a couple .

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