Wazifa For Beautiful Face and Body Attraction Tips

Wazifa For Beautiful Face and Body Attraction Tips

Wazifa For Beautiful Face and Body Attraction Tips

Best wazifa for beauti of body
Best wazifa for beauti of body

Wazifa For Beautiful Face and Body Attraction Tips, “This is an excellent popular and result situated wazifa for beauty. The verse of quran “allah ho noor us samawat wal”. The Lord of the Worlds” and “God” has incredible impacts for presenting to beauty. Take some rose water and blend it with abe zam the heavenly water. Mix some saffron in it . Now the after fajar petition recount this verse for 1100 times upon the arrival of friday in the main hour after sunrise. Your formula is ready. Every day when you want to clean up simply blend some water in your washing water. Keep doing this for 3 weeks for best outcomes.

Wazifa for beauty of body

beauty face
beauty face

To play out this wazifa you want to do this on wednesday in the hour of sun and captivate the accompanying verse of quran for 2100 times in a single sitting “Winnabh Bukhari also has a unique opportunity for the people of Afghanistan and the international community”Al 301 times.

Things you require:- Sandalwood oil, Olive oil, Sunflower oil, Rose oil

Wazifa for beautiful face and body attraction tips when you have every one of those things combine them well and hold them under the light of the stars for seven days yet make sure to shield it from day light amid the day time. Now as portrayed above do the accompanying and blow it on the blend each time you have discussed it for 100 times finishing it perusing last tash bee of 101 times so the 301 times is completed.use this blend of oil day by day everywhere throughout the body before thanking the shower . The best time to apply it is around evening time before resting.

Wazifa for beauty in islam

Islam is a genuine religion of love and peace. The allah in quran haqeem has said that it has control over every one of the books as I have control over my creation. The wazifa for beauty in islam is that one should be delightful from his inward site and his beauty ponders out his spirit and his body . So one might be lovely from his internal soul and this is the best wazifa for a beauty of a person. This must be perform after isha petition day by day in the accompanying way:

1. Druood 11 times

2. Surah fatheia 7 times

3. Surah ahad 1100 times

4. Surah falaq 7 times

5. Druood 11 time

When you are doing this light shoe incense or some other which suits your mind-set and influences you to unwind.

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